About the local self-government

The city of Vranje is the administrative, economic, educational, health and cultural center of the Pčinja district. The city is of rich industrial tradition, diverse natural potentials, exceptional cultural and historical heritage and it bases its development vision on integrative processes and modernization.

Natural-geographical position

The city of Vranje is located on the Corridor 10, one of the most important European traffic transversals, 347km from Belgrade and 300km from Thessaloniki.

Niš is 120km away, Skoplje is 95km, and Sofia is 215km away.

The territory of the city encompasses, among other, two natural “pearls“, Vranjska Spa – the warmest spa in Europe, with a water temperature from 98.7°C to 125°C, and the mountain Besna Kobila, with an alttitude of 1.923m (40km from Vranje, and 30km from Vranjska Spa). Vranje covers an area of 860km2 and according to the 2011 census, there are 83.524 inhabitants on the territory of the city including the borough of Vranjska Spa.


The climate in most parts of the area is temperate-continental climate and on the mountain peaks above 1.400m above sea level the climate has characteristic of a sub-mountain climate. The average precipitation is 614mm, while the average annual temperature is 10.8.

History of the LSG

The first written trace of Vranje date from the 11th century and was left to us by Anna Komnene, a Byzantine princess of Greek decent. Writing about the reign of her father Alexios Komnene, she says in the book “Alexiad” that the Raška prefect Vukan, in 1093, in his conquest campaign, arrived in Vranje and conquered it. Vranje definately became part of the Serbian state in 1207, when it was conquered by Stefan the First-Crowned. Vranje was liberated again on January 31, 1878, after centuries of Ottoman rule. After the First and later Second World War, a period of recovery and accelerated development of the city began. Today, Vranje is a city that preserves its tradition, especially the heritage of one of the greatest Serbian writers, Borisav Bora Stanković, but also a modern city, a member of the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities in the field of music.

Multiculturalism, rich history, tradition and peaceful coexistence of different ethnic communities, make Vranje a city with a soul!

Existing investment partners in the LSG

  • British American Tobacco
  • Geox
  • Ditre Italia
  • Kenda Farben
  • Kavim
  • Kentaur
  • Simpo
  • Yumco
  • Alfa-Plam
  • MSPP

Reasons for investing in the LSG

  • Investment locations owned by the city are equipped well in the sense of infrastructure
  • Vranje Free Zone offers a number of facilities that accompany the work in the free zone regime: customs, fiscal, financial, administrative and logistics as well as user friendly administration
  • Available skilled labour, rich industrial tradition
  • Located on Corridor 10, natural and anthropogenic resources
  • Efficient local self-government as a responsible partner to the investor, incentives for investors

You can see the investment locations on the link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

Name: Vranje City Administration, Coordinator of the Office for Local Economic Development

Address: Kralja Milana 1, 17501 Vranje

Phone number:  017/402-314064/890-75-05

e-mail: privreda@vranje.org.rs

Website:  www.vranje.org.rs