About the local self-government

The city of Sombor is located in the far northwest of the Republic of Serbia, on a territory of 1,216km2 and with a total population of 85,903, according to the 2011 census. Sombor is also the administrative center of the West Bačka administrative district. The territory of the city borders with the Republic of Hungary and the Republic of Croatia as neighbouring countries. The Special Nature Reserve „Bačko Podunavlje“, declared as such by UNESCO, is partly located in the city, which together with the proximity of a major European river, road and rail corridors, represents a great potential for investments in infrastructure and industry, as well as in tourism.

Natural-geographical position

The city of Sombor is located in the far northwest of the Republic of Serbia and as such  has an extremely favourable geographical position. Access to the Danube river, the main railway and the road corridors represents a great advantage and potential for attracting investors. Part of the city is located within the Special Nature Reserve „Bačko Podunavlje“, itself a chance for development of hunting and safari tourism. The possibility of building distribution centers for the transport of goods and provision of services to the Republic of Croatia and the Repblic of Hungary represent yet untapped potential. In addition, the city of Sombor is located on over 110,000 hectares of agricultural land, which is mostly state-owned and opens the possibility for the construction of large agricultural crops and for the construction of food processing capacity. Finally, there are several thermal energy sources in the city, which are partially used in the form of spa treatment, but are, at the same time, largely unused due to the lack of sufficient hotel or tourist facilities that would adequately use available thermal water sources.


The climate of the city is characterized by temperate-continental characteristics with an average annual temperature of 12.3°C. The average annual humidity is 71%, with an annual average rainfall of 614mm. Windiness greatly influences the development of climatic conditions, and it amounts to 883 per mile, the most frequent winds are: northwest and north winds. There are annually 220 days of sunshine with an average sunlight power of 1,387KWh/m2.

History of the LSG

The city of Sombor is, above all, a city of great and widely known cultural and educational tradition and heritage. At the end of the 18th century, “Norma” was founded in the city – the first school for teacher education, and during the 19th century the city received some of the most important cultural institutions such as the National Theatre, the City Library and the City Archives. Many events that mark and celebrate the multiculturalism and multinationalism of the city have existed for almost a century, while some others were founded in the past two decades to confirm and preserve cultural heritage, primarily in the field of old crafts, publishing and music. All of this, along with the unique and rich gastronomy of Bačka and Sombor, makes the offer of the city, its villages and ihabitants attractive to tourists. The city of Sombor is also a city of industry. In the second half of the 20th century, Sombor was the center of the metal and car industry, with several large factories producing cars, parts for industrial plants, ships, tools etc. Unfortunately, the era of wars in the early 1990s, as well as unsuccessful privatization processes led to the partial collapse of the economic sector, which, however, has been recovering in recent years and is turning again to its begginngs, to strenghtening exports and employment of inhabitants of Sombor and surrounding settlements. Of course, the fact that the city of Sombor has over 100,000 hectares of arable land cannot be ignored, which makes it unique in the Republic of Serbia and which is an excellent basis for building any form of food industry and processing of basic cereals.

Existing investment partners in the LSG

  • Development Agency of Serbia
  • Development Agency of Vojvodina
  • Regional Development Agency Bačka
  • GIZ
  • Government of the Republic of Serbia – Office of the Prime Minister
  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia

Reasons for investing in the LSG

  • Geographical location
  • Traffic connection
  • Educated workforce available
  • Rounded investment locations in the form of an industrial zone
  • Administrative support of local self-government and partners

You can see the investment locations on the link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

Name: City of Sombor, City Administration

Address: Trg cara Uroša 1, 25101 Sombor

Phone number: 025/468-160

E-mail: klersombor@gmail.com (Department for Local Economic Development and Support to Investments)

Website: https://www.sombor.rs/