About the local self-government

The municipality of Ćuprija is located in central Serbia. The area of the territory of the municipality of Ćuprija is 287km2. According to the last official census conducted in 2011, 30,645 people live on its territory.

Natural-geographical position

The municipality of Ćuprija is located in central Serbia in the center of the Pomoravski region and has an excellent geostrategic position. It has a direct connection with the state road A1, i.e. the Euopean road E-75, which connects the far north of Norway with the south of Greece. It is the longest European international road that passes through Serbia and through Ćuprija, with total length of 5,639km. With this highway, Ćuprija is 147km away from Belgrade, and 89km from Niš. The main two-track railway of international importance E-85 on the route Budapest-Subotica-Belgrade-Niš-Skoplje-Thessaloniki-Athens also passes through the municipality.

Other roads that pass through the territory of the municipality are state roads II A row 18, 160, 186, 187 and state roads II B row 383, 386. The total length of roads in Ćuprija is 232km. The nearest airport is Constantine the Great Airport, 80km from the property.


Ćuprija is a town in a valley and in the mountains it is separated from the distinct influence from the Mediterranean Sea and is wide open towards the Pannonian plain. This builds the characteristics of the temperate-continental climate with an average of sufficient rainfall and less wind influence. It is characterized by cold winters and warm summers, with minor deviations, while in the spring, warmer currents from the south are felt more strongly, affecting faster melting of snow, rising water levels and faster vegetation growth. The average annual temperature is 11.1 ° C. The coldest month of the year is January with an average temperature of -0.3 ° C, while the warmest is July in which the average temperature is 20.8 ° C.

History of the LSG

Through a long and rich history of 2,000 years, through Neolithic settlements, the period of Roman rule, the settlement of Slavs, the period of Turkish rule and modern times, all who would temporarily and permanently come to this area would build bridges right here at the mouth of the river Ravanica in Velika Morava. Ćuprija, a city with a wealth of two rivers and bridges that will permanently determine the name and destiny of the city, a city to which each of the people who lived there left something, has always been a place of important geostrategic position, a place of merging and connecting, a place of hard working and hospitable people. As such, Ćuprija, carrying the legacy of the past, is ready to go into the future.

Existing investment partners in the LSG

  • FEKA automotive
  • Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP)
  • Tibet fashion

Reasons for investing in the LSG

In the industrial space, the municipality is able to form plots according to the needs of the investors, provide construction land that has well equipped infrastructure, alienate construction land in public ownership at a price lower than the market or free of charge, provide lease of office space for a certain time, provide incentives for investments etc.

You can see the investment locations on the link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

Name: Municipality of Ćuprija

Address: 13. Oktobar 7, 35230 Ćuprija

Phone number: 035/8470-248 and 035/8470-631

E-mail: info@cuprija.rs

Website: www.cuprija.rs