About the local self-government

Arilje is a town and municipality located in the Zlatibor District of southwestern Serbia. The population of the town is 6,763, while the municipality has 18,792 inhabitants.

The municipality is best known as the capital of raspberries and the production of quality textile products. There are well-known textile products from Arilje with the protected brand “Ariljski tekstil” as well as “Ariljska malina” (Arilje raspberry) with protected geographical origin. At the territory of this town, there are over 50 private refrigerators for freezing fruit.

When our great writer, by profession an agronomist, Dobrilo Nenadić, in the 70s of the last century, encouraged the production of raspberries in our region, he had never dreamed that the area of ​​349 km² on which this municipality spreads will be ahead of many countries. In 2002 the highest yield of raspberries in the world was achieved, 44,763 kilograms per hectare.

According to the latest data, for every 11 working people from Arilje, there is one company, which is significantly above the average of the Republic and the district. In addition to agriculture and the textile industry, the food industry, wood processing and metal processing are represented.

Natural-geographical position

Arilje is connected to Belgrade via the Miloš Veliki highway (2 hours drive) and to Užice and Ivanjica via Požega-Ivanjica road (half an hour drive). The town is located in the basin of mountain rivers Rzava and Moravice. The tourist potential is more and more developed when it comes to public and private beaches along the bank of the cleanest river in Serbia. The spring of cold but healing water of the Rzav river is located in one of the increasingly popular spas in the village of Visoka, which is located at the highest altitude in the municipality of Arilje. Kukutnica, the highest peak in the municipality of Arilje, is located at 1328m / altitude. This town belongs to the hilly and mountainous areas with a narrow belt of plains around the river Moravica. Water for the needs of the population is taken directly from the Rzava watercourse. The current capacity of the Water Processing Factory of 1,200 liters of drinking water per second will be increased to 2,500 liters per second by building the “Svrachkovo” reservoir, which will give a much larger number of Serbian residents clean drinking water from this river.


The climate of the area around the river Moravica has the characteristics of a temperate-continental climate, with the characteristics of the so-called pastoral climate. The mountain climate in Arilje is well known for its clean and fresh air.

History of the LSG

Several centuries after the decline of Roman rule in this area, in the second half of the 10th century, refugees from the Greek city of Larissa came, carrying with them the relics of their saint, Greek bishop and great preacher of Christianity, Saint Achillius. These relics are buried on the site of today’s Arilje church. Arilje was named after this saint, who is celebrated today as patron day saint of the city (slava). At the beginning of the 13th century, Sava Nemanjić declared the Arilje Monastery the seat of the Moravica episcopate. New inhabitants from Eastern Herzegovina and Montenegro began to inhabit these areas in the middle of the 18th century, and after the First and Second Serbian Uprising, the settlement around the Church of St. Achillius came to life again. The small settlement, concentrated around the church, as a roadside inn and caravan inn, was slowly developing and urbanizing.

Reasons for investing in the LSG

  • The sector that has the largest capacity for development in the municipality of Arilje is the processing and finalization of agricultural products.
  • Local producers can provide sufficient quantities of raw materials: 15,000,000 kg of raspberries per year, 5,000,000 kg of apples per year, 5,000,000 kg of plums per year and 10,000 kg of blueberries per year.
  • The municipality offers skilled and sufficient workforce in the food sector, available land for investors, fast licensing procedures,  facilitated access to the international market, as well as access to Municipal Fund for Agricultural Development and Facilitated Communication and Representation of Investors’ Interests (KLER).

Investicione lokacije možete pogledati na linku OVDE ili u nastavku stranice.

Name: Municipality of Arilje

Address: Svetog Ahilija 53

Phone number: 031/3150110

E-mail: arilje@arilje.org.rs

Website: https://arilje.org.rs/