The project was originally started on a case study of two municipalities – Kikinda and Vladičin Han. The data used belonged to different types of data. The data applied to the municipality of Vladičin Han was derived from a model by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. Kikinda submitted data collected by city administration employees. This data was published on Geosrbija geoportal. Based on these case studies, the project was launched.

Project Holders

The “Improvement of Investment Environment of Serbia” project is implemented by the Republic Geodetic Authority in the Republic of Serbia, together with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Swedish Agency for Cartography, Cadastre and Land Registration – Lantmäteriet.

Time Frame

The project started in early 2019, with the signing of an agreement. Swedish Ambassador to Serbia Jan Lundin and Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Borko Drašković, MA, signed an agreement to place investment locations in one place, on a digital platform, which allows investors to access all locations in Serbia in an easy, fast and transparent way.

The project should be realized in the duration of two years.