About the local self-government

Valjevo is located in western Serbia, 90 kilometers southwest of Belgrade. The city center is located in the valley through which the river Kolubara flows. Valjevo is one of the larger and more developed settlements in Serbia.

Natural-geographical position

The city of Valjevo is located within the heart of western Serbia, ninety kilometres southwest of Belgrade. It is 72km away from Belgrade Airport, 280km from Niš Airport, 190km from Sarajevo – BiH, 425km from Zagreb – Croatia, 460km from Budapest – Hungary, 700km from Vienna – Austria and 970km from Munich – Germany.


Valjevo has a relatively stable, temperate-continental climate. In average, Valjevo has a total of 198,9 sunny days per year, or 44.8% potential sunshine. Precipitation in the Valjevo region has the characteristics of the Central European Danube regime of annual distribution. The average annual precipitation in Valjevo is 785.7mm.

History of the LSG

In the area, there were settlements even in the Late Stone Age. In 1398, when the name Valjevo was first mentioned in the known archives, the settlement was already an active trade center of medieval Serbia. In the 20th century, the city developed rapidly. Valjevo then became an important industrial and cultural center.

Existing investment partners in the LSG

  • Holding company Krušik
  • Gorenje
  • Valy
  • Europrom
  • Samedi
  • Blist
  • Bosis
  • Elbi
  • Austrotherm

Reasons for investing in the LSG

Valjevo is an excellent location for the development of new business and the main indicator is the orientation of the local government towards the construction and equipping of an industrial zone that is oriented towards investors.

You can see the investment locations on the link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

Name: City of Valjevo

Address: Karađorđeva 64, 14000 Valjevo

Phone number: : 014/294-882

e-mail: gradonacelnik@valjevo.org.rs

Veb sajt: www.valjevo.rs