About the local self-government

Čačak is a city in the western part of the Republic of Serbia, recognized as a desirable place to live, a place of friendly business environment that offers excellent business conditions, a place recognizable by constant investment in reconstruction and economic development, as well as a new quality of life in urban and rural areas.

Natural-geographical position

Čačak is the seat of the Moravica administrative district, the economic, cultural and administrative center of the area. The Moravica district, in addition to the town of Čačak, also includes the municipalities of Gornji Milanovac, Lučani and Ivanjica. The central part of the city consists of the Čačak valley, located between the mountains Jelica in the south, Ovčara and Kablar in the west and Vujna in the north, while in the east it is open towards the Kraljevo valley. These mountains descend gently and undulating towards the Čačak valley, the town of Čačak and the course of the West Morava. Čačak is located between the municipalities of Gornji Milanovac in the north and Lučani in the southwest. To the west is the municipality of Požega, which belongs to the Zlatibor district, to the east is the municipality of Knić, which is part of the Šumadija district, and to the southeast is the town of Kraljevo, which belongs to the Raška district. Čačak is 120 km away from Belgrade.


The climate of Čačak and its surroundings is moderately continental. The coldest month is January, and the warmest month is July. The climate is extremely favourable for the development of agriculture. The territory of the city of Čačak is not windy. The most common wind is northwest, and the rarest is northeast. Humidity is moderate. Fogs rarely occur in the Čačak valley.

History of the LSG

The origin and development of settlements on the territory of the city of Čačak is conditioned by the intensity of population from prehistory, when settlements, in which traces of material culture were found, are mentioned. Based on the findings on archaeological sites and cultural-historical monuments, it is believed that life in this area lasted continuously around 5,000 years BC until today. Special mention should be made of the necropolises under the mounds with objects from the Bronze and Iron Ages (from the 15th, 9th and 6th centuries BC) discovered at the Lugovi Bent site in Mojsinje. Objects from the Illyrian princely mounds in Atenica are also noteworthy, a site of world importance with exhibits dating from the 6th and 5th centuries BC. At the time of Roman domination in this part of Serbia, on the site of today’s city, there was a larger settlement, as evidenced by the Roman baths discovered in the city center.

In the period of the Serbian medieval state, the settlement is mentioned in the 13th century, as Gradac in Typikon of Studenica, which was written between 1207 and 1215. It was the capital of the prefect Stracimir, the brother of Stefan Nemanja, who is considered the founder of the city. The oldest mention of Čačak is in a court file from the Dubrovnik archives from 1408.

A new stage of development of Čačak was marked after 1815, when this city became the seat of the Čačak region.

The city developed even more strongly in the second half of the 19th century, when numerous residential, business and administrative buildings sprang up. According to the 2011 census, 115,337 inhabitants were registered in the cities territry, and 73,331 in the city itself. Today, Čačak is an economic, educational, cultural, tourist center and the seat of the Moravica region.

Investment partners in the LSG

  • Company „Sloboda“
  • Technical and Repair Institute
  • Unipromet
  • Progress Engineering
  • Atenic Commerce
  • Elit Inox
  • Vorwerk
  • Wieland Еlectric
  • Akvapan
  • Tetragon DOO
  • Pacom
  • Weltex
  • Tiffany production
  • Chips Way
  • Pons
  • Interfood

Reasons for investing in the LSG

  • Favourable geostrategic position
  • Existence of adopted planning documentation
  • Developed traffic infrastructure
  • Developed communal infrastructure
  • Existence of higher education and scientific institutions
  • Many infrastructural contents in the field of culture, sports and recreation
  • Institutional support for economic development
  • Developed private entrepreneurship
  • Suitable climatic conditions for agricultural and rural development
  • Tradition in industrial production
  • Functioning of NTP Čačak with STARTUP center
  • Presence of foreign investment
  • Skilled workforce
  • Support measures for economic development
  • Potential for tourism development
  • Many associations from different fields have been registered.

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Name: Grad Čačak

Address: Župana Stracimira 2-4, Čačak

Phone number: 032/309-019

E-mail: gradonacelnik@cacak.org.rs

Website:  www.cacak.org.rs