Good results and significant progress made by Sombor and the entire West Bačka District, thanks to cooperation with the Republic Geodetic Authority, as well as joint work on the project “Improvement of the business climate in Serbia” were the reason for the visit of Borko Drašković, director of RGA, to that city.

According to the data of the RGA, Sombor is one of the most active cities and municipalities in the use of electronic services of the Cadastre, where the services of eKatastar and eZUP stand out. From 2018 until today, the West Bačka District has performed 355,990 electronic data downloads, which has saved more than 700,000 hours of waiting in the ranks of citizens and about 42 million dinars.

“Today we could see that Sombor is a very modern city, with a management that thinks digitally, has excellent digital communication with the Republic Geodetic Authority and represents those cities where we do all our digital projects, including the project of investment locations in Serbia.” said the director of the RGA.

Drašković announced a new project of mass assessment of the value of the real estate that will be implemented in Sombor, because, as he pointed out, it is the only city that managed to use the data of the RGA for fairer taxation of its fellow citizens.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the information we received from the director that Sombor and the entire district are going in a very good direction when it comes to the process of digitalization of land administration. We should certainly continue to work in that field, “said the mayor of Sombor, Antonio Ratković.

The meeting also discussed the project “Improvement of the business climate in Serbia”, which Sombor joined two years ago. Ratković assessed that the development of the National Register of Investment Maps is of great importance for future investors.

In addition to the mayor of Sombor, the director of RGZ Borko Drašković, MA, talked in the County building with the head of the Zapadnobački administrative district Goran Nonković, the mayor of Kula Damjan Miljanić, the head of the Apatin municipal administration Manet Škorić and the director of the Real Estate Cadastre Service Sombor Jelena Delić.