Within the project “Improvement of the business environment in Serbia” on 01.06.2021 was held a workshop of Swedish experts from the housing company Gävle, which was attended by representatives of local self-government units in Serbia. The idea of the workshop is to learn and accept a new way of forming such companies in Serbia.

The topic of the workshop: Presentation of Gavlegårdarna, a housing company in the municipality of Gävle.

The moderator of the workshop is the executive director of the housing company, Cathrine Holgersson. The workshop was led by Iris Karamehmedović, with Balcan origin, employed in the Housing Company of the Municipality of Gävle. She described in detail which services this company performs, how they build new apartments as well as the manner of their annual maintenance. The company itself functions together in agreement with the users of those buildings, they react to their objections for better housing and try to solve them in an efficient way as soon as possible.