Representatives of local self-governments that are participants in the “Improvement of Investment Environment in Serbia” project gathered at the headquarters of the Republic Geodetic Authority. The workshop was attended by the director, Borko Drašković, MA, and on that occasion he said that the elected local governments should set the standard in terms of geospatial data management and investment locations.

Jan Lundin, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, addressed the representatives of local self-governments and expressed satisfaction that the Kingdom of Sweden supports the project Improvement of Investment Environment in Serbia and hopes that investments in Serbia will be made in the coming period.

In addition to the director and the Ambassador, the audience was addressed by Snezana Vojcic from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden and Danilo Furundzic, professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. They pointed out that they hope that this project will be as successful in the coming period as before.

Zoia Faraj, project team manager of the Swedish Land Mapping and Registration Agency, also addressed the audience via video call. She thanked everyone for their presence and the Republic Geodetic Authority for organizing the workshop and wished them a successful and productive day.