The study visit to the Kingdom of Sweden was organized from December 1 to 7, 2019, in the municipality of Gävle. The working visit was attended by representatives of local governments participating in the project “Improvement of Investment Environment in Serbia” (Arilje, Bor, Valjevo, Ćuprija, Knjaževac, Sombor, Vranje, Zrenjanin, Pirot, Požarevac) and part of the implementation team of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

The delegation from Serbia was received by Anders Lindkvist, Deputy Director General of Lantmäteriet (Swedish Agency for Cadastre, Cartography and Land Registration), Zoja Faraj, Project Manager at Lantmätriet, Eva Alander, Chairwoman of the Council of the Municipality of Gävle, Anika Lindqvist, representative of Municipality of Gävle.

The aim of the visit is to raise the capacity of local self-government units and the RGA implementation team. The training took place in the premises of Lantmateriet and in the municipality of Gävle. At the Lantmäteriet, lecturers spoke on the following topics:

  • Areas of work
  • Organization, competencies and role of the Lantmäteriet in the development of society
  • Smart collaboration creation
  • Communication and cooperation in the Lantmäteriet

The Municipality of Gävle organized presentations related to the following areas:

  • Presentation of the role and competencies of municipalities in Sweden. How are municipalities organized and how are they financed?
  • Investment support system in Sweden and Gävle
  • Attracting investments and new companies to the municipality and supporting the growth of existing companies
  • The process of planning and using GIS in the municipality
  • Attracting human resources and skills development, the role of the human resources department
  • Internationalization as a tool in development within the municipality
  • Field visits to existing and planned industrial zones and investment areas

Representatives of local self-government units participated in the professional discussion during the training, showed high motivation for improving business in their local unit, as well as considering the possibility of further development of local self-government units. The “Improvement of Investment Environment in Serbia” project started with the realization of one of the goals of the project, and some of the investment locations have already been set up on the digital platform Geosrbija.