The memorandum signed on June 3, 2019, at the headquarters of the Republic Geodetic Authority, by the director of the RGA, Borko Drašković, MA, and the president of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Miloš Nenezić, will determine the basis for mutual cooperation.

Within their competencies, the two institutions will cooperate with each other to achieve the following goals:

– improvement of the environment for the development of market economy in the Republic of Serbia;

– improvement of the investment climate in the Republic of Serbia;

– encouraging the competitiveness of the national economy;

– Representation and realization of common interests and goals of both organizations for the sake of sustainable social and economic development of the Republic of Serbia.

The signatories of the Memorandum will strive to achieve their goals in the following way:

– Mutual exchange of information, experiences and cooperation in order to be effective, up-to-date, efficient and transparent in proceedings before the RGA of importance to businessmen-employers, as well as all citizens of the Republic of Serbia;

– Joint work on projects of importance for the improvement of the economic environment and the improvement of the investment climate;

– Promoting the Republic of Serbia as an area suitable for investment;

– Working together to encourage the competitiveness of the national economy;

– Providing support to the economy in fulfilling the obligations arising from the process of accession to the European Union and harmonization of domestic legislation with the regulations of the European Union;

– Encouraging digitalization and innovation based on modern, scientific and technological knowledge and achievements in proceedings before the RGA;

– Organizing joint activities, such as conferences, counseling and professional programs in order to encourage transparency and efficiency of proceedings before the RGA, promoting digitalization, modern approach to business and technological development of the national economy;

– By establishing a continuous dialogue and mutual exchange of information of importance for the economy of the Republic of Serbia.