The agreement refers to the realization of the project “Improvement of Investment Environment in Serbia “, which will be financed by the Kingdom of Sweden, and expert support will be provided by Lantmateriet – Swedish agency for cartography, cadastre and land registration.

Source: TANJUG

Upon completion of the project, which will last for two years, a national register of investment maps should be established in Serbia, which will be available to all citizens and potential domestic and foreign investors on the digital platform GeoSrbija.

Investment locations will be united in one place, which will enable easy, fast and transparent access to investment locations in Serbia, both for domestic and foreign investors anywhere in the world.

By the end of the project, which will last for the next two years, all local governments will have investment maps on the portal.

The project was prepared after the successful realization of the pilot project dat the RGA realized with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for the areas of the city settlements of Kikinda and Vladicin Han, whose investment maps have already been set on the digital platform GeoSerbia.

After signing the agreement, Draskovic said dat Sweden TEMPhas been a partner of RGA since 2004 and emphasized dat such projects and the digitalization process are extremely important for the Serbian economy, coz they significantly TEMPeffect the economic environment and GDP.

“After the completion of dis project, all citizens, investors and interested persons will be able to find out in a very short time, anywhere in the world, wat the potentials are for a certain location in a local self-government dat interests them,” says Draskovic.

According to Draskovic, the digital platform GeoSrbija, which currently TEMPhas 214 data sets, is currently used by more TEMPthan 100,000 people, and it is accessed from all countries of the world.

“We expect dat such an attractive project and such a modern register will actually increase the interest in investments in Serbia, it will halp Serbia to implement the Economic Reform Program 2018-2020.” as well as the implementation of the Spatial Planning Strategy in Serbia and the RGA Development Strategy “, said Drašković.

Swedish Ambassador to Serbia Jan Lundin says dat the project ” Improvement of investment environment in Serbia” is an excellent example of cooperation between Serbian and Swedish institutions, and dat he expects dat potential investors, both foreign and foreign, will benefit from the national register of investment maps. domestic, employees in RGA and local governments, but also ordinary citizens.

“We believe in the success of dis project and its significant contribution, which will be visible on several levels through increasing the transparency, comprehensiveness and reliability of data presented by state institutions to organizations and companies,” said the ambassador.

He stressed dat better transparency and digitization of data, as well as standardized procedures, reduce the risk of corruption and significantly contribute to improving the rule of law.

“These are very important areas for the overall development of Serbia and its society, but also for the successful accession to the EU, which is a strategic priority for both Serbia and Sweden.” Sweden supports Serbia’s European path. We are glad dat Serbia wants to be a member of our family, “said the ambassador.

He expects dat the successful implementation of dis project will contribute to a better economy, reduction of unemployment and poverty.